What my clients say...

I have worked with Jay Talbott for several years. He is a skilled and proficient programmer, scrupulously honest in all his business transactions. If he says he will do something, you can consider it done. And done well.
- Dr Peter Wayne
author of "Xbasic for Everyone"

I have the pleasure of recommending to you Mr. James A. (Jay) Talbott, Jr. I have been his personal friend of thirty years, and for the past fifteen years have engaged his services for the creation, design and maintenance of my web site, www.bcfords.com.

Jay has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and his work is of high quality. Projects are completed timely and on budget. His creativity and resourcefulness support the ongoing business of my site and also contribute to my company's various specialized marketing campaigns.
- William J. Collins
Founder and owner, www.bcfords.com          see entire letter here

We have been working with Jay since 1995. He helped us with our first DOS database, and at our urging, converted it to a Windows database. We run our day-to-day operations on the program that he developed. This application has been working quite well for us, and Jay has worked with us to allow it to meet our growing needs. Most recently, Jay worked with us to make the order entry component upload invoices automatically into our accounting software. This has eliminated the need to manually enter the invoices a second time, saving us time and eliminating errors.

When we have had emergency issues, Jay made them a top priority, and addressed them immediately, ensuring that we could continue providing our customers with product on a timely basis. His years of experience and business knowledge have given us exactly what we need.
- Chad Sinon
President, BPG, inc.

Four years ago I was faced with a great dilemma. After working with an Alpha programmer for several years, he was retiring. This was a very difficult position. I had to find a new programmer and was quite concerned. I got Jay's name from my former programmer and made the contact, not knowing what to expect. Four years later and a lot of great work together and I can say that Jay Talbott is not just a great programmer, he is a pleasure to work with. The amazing thing about our work is that for the first two years we never met in person, all of our work was done online and by phone. In all we have met personally only twice. Today when working on projects, we use software that allows Jay to connect from Kentucky to my computer in Maryland and we can in-real time review development, address fixes and quickly identify opportunities for program enhancements.

Jay's ability to listen to my needs and give me back exactly what I need has been a great plus in this business relationship. His solid understanding of Alpha, his imagination in finding creative professional solutions and his great patience with me, when I am not sure exactly what I want, has made him one of the greatest business resources I have and our product a market leader.

For anyone contemplating a data base project, I have two suggestions: Use Alpha as your development engine and Jay Talbott as your programming partner. You won't go wrong, that is a winning combination.

Richard M. Valway
AES/Education Interface

You should know how grateful I am to you for tutoring me on the computer and getting me started from the position where I did not even know how to power-up the box to being fairly competent with all sorts of applications. Can you believe that was 15 years ago? The education has really served me very well and has opened my world to all sorts of possibilities. It serves me immensely at Holy Redeemer, and has made me much more valuable to the organization. I am indebted to you.

Joseph T. Thompson, DMD, MAGD
VP & Chief Development Officer
521 Moredon Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006